The First Offline 130th Canton Fair Under The COV-19

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The first offline 130th Canton Fair after the Cov-19 and the end of October 19, in security considerations, this year’s Canton Fair is very high requirements for epidemic prevention, so the pavilion can meet not many foreign friends.

From the official statistics, this 130th Canton Fair has 26,000 Chinese and foreign enterprises to participate, 7,795 offline exhibitors, and a total of 600,000 people in the hall.

130th Canton Fair

The epidemic in the past year or so has brought indelible scars to the manufacturing industry all over the world, and we always like to talk about “after the disaster”. And the Canton Fair is the platform for everyone to show their own.

Compared with previous years, exhibitors have three major highlights

1. Intelligent leading life

The self-driving intelligent travel enterprise Wenyuan Zhixing, the world’s leading intelligent self-driving flight technology enterprise participated in the Canton Fair for the first time, bringing driverless minibusses, self-driving flight products, etc., showing the power of intelligent technology.

2. Innovative development and focus on R&D

An enterprise in Guangzhou launched a new underwater treadmill pool, integrating water SPA, water sports, and water rehabilitation, which attracted much attention in the industry, and a chain-forming anti-theft backpack won the silver award.

3. Embrace the trend of digital development

The integration of online and offline development, both offline set up the field exhibition hall, but also in the cloud to build a virtual exhibition hall, the need for 3D display, live and other forms, to create a unique display scene so that buyers immersive.

130th Canton Fair

About the flooring industry

dqmadewood products show

DQMADEWOOD is the first choice for home building materials with E0 grade environmental protection glue. The latest technology of high-performance soybean meal protein adhesive manufacturing and application, with soybean meal and water molecules as raw materials, breakthrough soybean meal solid activation and synchronous modification, cross-linking agent functional grafting, structural enhancement, and rheological property control.

The development of solid wood laminate flooring with this adhesive has good fluidity, easy sizing, long application period, excellent water resistance, and other characteristics, solving the existing soybean meal adhesive viscosity, low solid content, easy mold, short aging time, and other technical problems, significantly enhance the environmental performance of our products and product value, artificial board products formaldehyde emissions and total organic volatile compounds close to solid wood.

This technology is an important basis for the transformation and upgrading of solid wood laminate flooring to “formaldehyde-free” products, which meets the actual needs of sustainable development of our industry. This adhesive is easy to use, can be mixed at room temperature, is easy to apply glue, and can replace the formaldehyde-containing adhesive of conventional wood-based panels. We will explain the technology of our company and the future development plan of our company to our customers.

We will demonstrate the concept of “customization expert”. The high standard of quality control from veneer processing, gluing and laminating, kerfing, painting, and packaging has enabled us to establish cooperation with global sales organizations and exceed our sales target, mainly for wholesalers, retailers, construction companies, contractors, etc. Meanwhile, DQMADEWOOD is also promoting strategic cooperation with domestic real estate companies to open up new channels for domestic engineering sales. Currently, we are establishing brand stores in China.

oak wood flooring

DQMADEWOOD is the leader of the flooring industry at the Canton Fair, please contact us if you need to know more information.

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