How To Make An Epoxy Resin Table?

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An epoxy table is a piece of furniture and moreover a work of art. In its earliest days, resin served only for small household objects that looked beautiful and unmistakable. Slowly, until it met the carpenter, she began to appear in our lives in various ways, in the public eye.

The first time I saw a resin table I was stunned, it did not look like a piece of furniture, it had a soul of its own, it was a unique landscape, a soul given to it by the carpenter who restored the fine beauty of life.

this image is resin dining table in factory

We will describe how easy it is to make a table. How to make an epoxy table with simple tools, A simple way to make it.

Step 1: What You’ll Need: Preparation and Materials

Create a listing for all of  the material

Step 2: Choosing and Preparing the Wood

After drying and dehydrating the solid wood and sanding the facial edges finely, the material is first brushed with resin in 2 coats to close the pores on the surface of the tree to avoid air bubbles.

Step 3: Creating a Container

The mould box is made according to the material, this grinder must be closed on all sides to keep the resin from leaking out.

Step 4:Arrange the solid wood into the container in the shape you want

Step 5: Resin – Measuring, Adding Colour and Pouring

Mix the resin and colour, mix well according to the proportions and then mix the colouring agent and leave to stand for 5-10 minutes.

Step 7: Pour Base Layer

Pour the mixed resin slowly into the mould which is placed horizontally. After pouring, use a torch or a heated blower to preheat the bubbles on the surface. Wait for the resin to cure, keeping the environment clean during the curing process.

Step 8: Pour River Layer 1

Step 9: Pour River Layer 2

The reason for this repeated pouring, all at a thickness of 1 cm, is that when the resin is introduced, high heat is generated and bubbles tend to appear on the surface.

Step 10:After the table has cured, the table should next be demoulded.

Step 11: Routing & Sanding

Leave for 24 hours for the resin to set and then sand and polish, from coarse to fine sandpaper. Leaves the table surface flat and free from defects such as grains and pits.

Step 12: Making and Attaching Sides/Legs

We can use metal legs or solid wood legs. V shape Z shape and X shape for your choice.

resin dining table and chair

These are the steps on how to make a resin table. It is advisable to find a professional manufacturer to make them, as the steps are a bit complicated.

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