Knowledge Of Engineered Wood Flooring

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Types of engineered wood flooring

1. Two-layer engineered wood flooring

Two-layer engineered wood flooring with solid wood parquet or veneer as the panel and solid wood parquet or veneer as the bottom layer.

2. Three-layer engineered wood flooring

Solid wood parquet or veneer as the panel, solid wood parquet as the core layer, veneer as the bottom layer of the three-layer structure solid wood composite flooring.

3. Multi-layer engineered wood flooring

Multi-layer engineered flooring made of solid wood parquet or veneer as the panel and plywood as the substrate, the top layer is usually not less than 0.6mm.

Why choose multi-layer engineered flooring?

  1. Multi-layer engineered flooring is economical

Multi-layer solid wood laminate flooring due to the unique structure of the relationship, the requirements for wood is not so high and can make full use of materials, so the price is much lower than the solid wood flooring, and most consumers are in the low-end consumer class, these consumers look at both the quality of the wood floor itself, and the pursuit of affordable, so solid wood laminate flooring has undoubtedly become the best choice.

2. Multi-layer engineered flooring installation is simple

Solid wood composite flooring installation is simple, do not play the floor keel, as long as the leveling is good, but also can improve the height of the floor. And because of the simple requirements of the installation, but also greatly reduce the hidden dangers brought about by the installation. The speed is much faster than the installation of solid wood flooring.

3. Multi-layer engineered flooring is environmentally friendly and healthy

Multi-layer solid wood composite flooring is natural wood as the panel, with plywood as the substrate processed from the flooring material, can be used for geothermal, the excellent characteristics of wood can be well maintained, and in line with the mandatory standards of environmental protection. In addition, solid wood laminate flooring also has great superiority in appearance, the color has the characteristics of beautiful and generous, and at the same time both the characteristics of comfortable feet.

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